Hi, Nice to see you here!

As a Designer, I am passionate about creating good-looking and easy-to-use products. I feel rewarded for empowering people to reach their goals faster and easier with innovative digital solutions.

I started designing at a very young age to achieve my passion to be a designer, completing the Multimedia program (Image Editing, Animation, Typography, Iconography, Colour Theory, and HTML & CSS) and receiving my bachelor’s degree in Business.

Further spending 5 years in the pedagogical area, I decided to return back to my passion and be a UX Designer by pulling together my experience in teaching, which taught me the psychology of making change relevant to learners and my skills as a web designer.

After collecting experience as a freelance designer and receiving multiple certificates I feel ready to join a professional design team.

My hobbies include yoga, cooking different cuisines, and spending time with family and friends :).

Let’s grab a coffee and talk by phone or video to see how I can assist you and your team. Write me an email at hello@poojaarora.de or connect with me on LinkedIn.

Those who inspire me!